Phoenix release high-seizure-risk album teaser

French indie favourites Phoenix have just revealed the title of their new album, Bankrupt, in the form of a high-seizure-risk clip.

The synth-heavy teaser comes with a photosensitive epilepsy warning, and was mysteriously posted on the band’s Facebook page today. The post linked to the band’s website where the teaser is currently screening. It features a flashing image with the words “Phoenix Bankrupt!” and a preview of how the new album might sound.

This will be Phoenix’s fifth album following their 2009 release Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. FL caught up with the band in 2011 when they were here for Good Vibrations Festival. Singer Thomas Mars told FL they had started work on the new album, revealing how they prefer to make records in their bedrooms.

“That is how we always work,” he said. “We never go into professional studios …we always fear those places that are too professional with gold records on the wall and PlayStations in the lounge. We like to go to empty places where there is just food and you can make something sitting on the floor.”

Phoenix have previously described the album as a departure from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, with a more experimental and minimalist sound as compared to the catchy pop hooks of their previous releases. It’s due for release locally this April.

Heed the warning and watch the teaser here if you dare.