Philadelphia Grand Jury “on hiatus”

Despite reports yesterday that Philadelphia Grand Jury “has split”, band management have assured FasterLouder that the Sydney party starters are simply “on something of a hiatus.”

Following news in TMN yesterday that band has no plans to go ahead with their new album, FasterLouder contacted the band’s management for comment. They issued us with the following statement:

Philadelphia Grand Jury are on something of a hiatus. No need to make it a bigger deal than it is. Creative individuals tend to have more than one project and Philadelphia Grand Jury is just one of Berkfinger’s musical personas. Berkfinger is currently focusing on other projects, including moving his recording gear to Berlin to finish the recordings that he has been working on in the various incarnations of studios that he has built over the years.

Speaking of Berkfinger’s many musical personas – here is the man with the most unique voice in rock playing TV presenter for FasterLouder at Laneway 2010: