Pennywise added to Soundwave sideshow in bizarre circumstances

Punk rock legends Pennywise have been added to the Less Than Jake, Bowling For Soup and Zebrahead Soundwave sideshow in Sydney.

While their last-minute addition to the bill does seem a little odd, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for it – as outlined below by promoter by AJ Maddah in the official press release that accompanied the announcement.

Here’s more or less what happened…

Wife: Answer your phone asshole

Promoter: Yes Dear

Caller: Hey A.J it’s Fletcher from Pennywise!

Promoter’s Internal Monologue: Oh fuck what does that crazy fuck want? I hope he is not outside my window in the bushes with an axe…

Promoter’s External dialogue: Hi Fletcher. It’s lovely to hear from you!

Caller: I have a great idea!

Promoter’s Internal Monologue: Oh fuck son of a bitch motherfucker. This is going to be bad…

Promoter’s External Dialogue: Awesome Fletcher I love your ideas!

Caller: We want to play a small show. You know like at a small bar. Like back in the day…

Promoter: Dude, you have never played small bars in Australia. I was on your 1st tour. We did 1000 to 3000 capacity rooms

Caller: Don’t interrupt me! As I was saying, like back in the day. We also want to play a show with our friends Less Than Jake

Promoter: But LTJ already have a show. Besides, I am paying you to play bigger venues

Caller: I will crush you like a bug

Promoter: OK, you can play at Less Than Jake’s Sydney show with Bowling For Soup & Zebrahead!

Limited tickets still available!

Caller hangs Up

Promoter: Well that could have been much worse

Wife: Take your phone, your pillow and go sleep in the car

Promoter: Yes dear.

Less Than Jake, Bowling For Soup, Zebrahead and Pennywise Sidewave:

Monday, February 24 – Manning Bar, Sydney (18+)

Less Than Jake, Bowling For Soup, Zebrahead Sidewave:

Wednesday, February 26 – The Hi-Fi, Melbourne (18+ )