Paul Greene & The Other Colours – Behind The Stars

Paul Greene and The Other Colours have given us some warm rays of sunshine as we head into the cooler months of 2012. The guitars are up in the mix and, as per usual with Mr. Greene, the vocals are what make these songs. Lyrically there seems to be a bit of questioning but the overall vibe is one of a positive nature.

Having injured his acoustic guitar, Mr. Greene commenced a bit of writing on the electric and this is where the music has a tad more voltage then his previous musings. Alas, Behind The Stars is a collection of songs that seem to have been written from a period of flux in his life. From the strumming and guitars on the title track (additional electric by Ryan Battistuzzi ) to the thoughtful and harmony laced Her Minor Key the songs seem to come from a place of thoughtfulness. This does not take away from the pop that follows in Crossfire and the sing along of Bad Luck Lately. Although these songs appear to be musing on some recent changes it appears that Mr. Greene and his life are on the upswing. Things don’t appear to be bad and maybe these songs were his ability to come out of the other side of a hell of a lot of touring and turmoil. His vocals are sweet and the beauty and simplicity of them come across on the bittersweet love song Enough Of You.

This is an easy listening, but enjoyable, assortment of goodies and will find a place easily within this genre. A mature, somewhat routine assemblage of tunes, which will have you listening more than once, something to help get you through the cold of winter.