Parkway Drive, Miss May I, Confession @ The Hordern Pavillion, Sydney (20/5/2011)

The Turning Tides was not quite the best local band ever judging from the crowd response but they must have made a splash in someone’s pool to get pulled onto this bill. They gave it their all and it would be wrong to think we won’t see this band again because their exposure just got a huge boost from lining up next to these bands.

One band that is on fire at the moment is Confession. A band that knows what it takes to do party hardcore right, with vocalist Michael Crafter telling the crowd “I want to see you guys [the crowd] set the first planking world record here tonight… So everyone lie down and wait for the breakdown!”. This was probably the closest matched band to Parkway on the bill though still different; with their cover of Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit, they made sure we remembered their set for good. The Mix ‘N’ Match was definitely in full swing already!

While this genre isn’t for everyone The Wonder Years still put on a good show for the fans that are into pop punk. The lead singer has astounding voice control – even with a sore throat – and although they weren’t as heavy as the other bands they played well enough to keep the crowd entertained.

Armed with their mighty bass drops and breakdowns, Miss May I made an impact on their first time ever in Australia. They weren’t mucking around at all. Slowly the fans filled in after putting their reservations aside and jumping with everyone else. These guys will be back and their names will be at the top of the flyer. Vocalist Levi Brenton claimed that “this will probably be the biggest show we ever play” but with the response the band received Miss May I will go on to play bigger and bigger things.

Australian hardcore heroes Parkway Drive were in the finest form, nothing could deter them and not a wheelchair bound guitarist or a broken bass could stop them. Playing fan favorite hits from all their albums like Carrion, Leviathan I and Sleepwalker. The first second of their set to the last it was action packed to say the least with various ocean themed inflatables soaring high above the mosh pit. Even a guy in a shark suit riding a rubber dingy across the sea of people. As a finale the encore was played with a dozen screaming fans up on stage moshing with their with their favorite band.