Pang! presents Oliver Tank @ Trinity Bar

Oliver Tank has gracefully infiltrated the music scene over the last year with his hauntingly, soul reverberating EP Dreams. On the night of August 31st, Canberrans were treated to his talent at Trinity Bar. Early in the night, the especially eager Tank fans reclined in cerulean lit corners of the bar, occasionally breaking out into random jives to the electro-jazzy beats thudding in the room. As the night moved on, the crowd slowly swelled in anticipation of Tank’s set.

Offtapia got the crowd pulsing as soon as he hit the decks, creating a fun and dance filled atmosphere. Remixes of popular artists such as Florence and the Machine set a great dance beat and Offtapia worked well to seamlessly move between tunes.

The crowd was packed in together by the time Tank took to the stage. Immediately a different vibe swept through the room. While the crowd had been thrashing about to Offtapia moments before, Tank’s tunes enchanted them and added an electric and uplifting quality to the night. His multitude of layers mixed expertly into a casserole of goodness.

Tank combined the use of voice, guitar and computer to spin a mesmerising set for the crowd. He lived up to his reputation of compellingly smooth electronica, and deserves the comparisons made to the like of Bon Iver and James Blake. Playing Embrace early on definitely pleased Tank’s fans, and the mood, while subdued, was alive and heartfelt.

The musical textures filled the room with delight and the crowd soaked it up, often swaying hypnotically to the trance-like tunes. Highlights included Help You Breathe and the ear-catching Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion

Undoubtedly, Tank’s dulcet music has the ability to reach a plane of authentic emotional understanding and, if just for a short while, remind his listeners that we all share the same experiences of love, loss and longing.

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