On The Record: Yeasayer

Yeasayer’s ANNAND WILDER shares the records that have shaped his life, from The Beatles to Billy Joel.

Yeasayer are currently in the country as part of Laneway Festival and to play a couple of headline shows as well. The Brooklyn-based psych pop group released their third album Fragrant World in September, about which FL reviewer Edward Sharp Paul wrote: “The exuberance of 2010’s Odd Blood has been dialled back on their third album, as has the tempo, but the electro-derived aesthetic remains; mechanical drums and liquid bass grooves dominate the mix, while percussive ticks and whirrs fill out every conceivable space.” In the lead-up to their shows Anand Wilder talked to FL about the record’s that have shaped his life, from The Beatles to Billy Joel.

First Album Your Bought: The Beatles Please, Please Me

I split the cost of all The Beatles CDs with my mum 50/50 when I was in kindergarten. Money I made doing chores I guess. That was 1987 or 1988 so CDs came in those long rectangular paper packages and I kept them all in my sock drawer as souvenirs.

First Record Handed Down To You

No one ever really handed down any records to me. I think you need a way older sister like the sister in Almost Famous. I did trade CDs with my friend Gabe Milner in 5th grade. I think I gave him Spin Doctors’ Pocket Full of Kryptonite and he gave me Metallica’s “Black” album. I guess I was tired of ‘Little Miss’ Can’t be Wrong’ and craving ‘Nothing Else Matters’. The ‘90s were weird.

Guilty Pleasure Record: Billy Joel 52nd Street

I’m keeping a log of Instagram photos of records I’m playing for my four-month-old daughter Uma, and I was too embarrassed to take a photo of her with 52nd Street by Billy Joel. I brought the album up from my parent’s house recently and realised I had never listened to it, and it has some serious hits. The way he sings is really annoying and it’s the only unique or distinguishing trait to his derivative music, and there’s absolutely no edge, so I can never fully buy into the legend of Billy Joel. But ‘My Life’ is now stuck in my head thanks to this interview – so he’s a guilty pleasure. Plus I’m embarrassed that my baby might love him.

Favourite Australian Record: Tame Impala Lonerism

I heard this /Al Carlson remix of a Tame Impala song that was dope. I like that Lonerism album.

Last Record Your Bought: Talk Talk Spirit of Eden

Yeasayer Laneway sideshow:

Wednesday, February 6 – HiFi, Melbourne