On The Record: Dappled Cities

To mark the release of fourth album Lake Air, TIM DERRICOURT from Dappled Cities shares the albums that shaped his life – from the smooth crooning of Doctor Hook to the heart-breaking melancholia of Bjork’s Post.

First Album You Bought: Jimi Hendrix Live At Winterland

When I was young I heard ‘Hey Jude’, and I think it was the first song I can remember really loving. I was kind of like that cute Korean kid that mimes to it on YouTube, except I wasn’t Korean or a YouTube sensation. Anyway, I didn’t really know what it was called and one day we were in a tape shop (yeah, tape shop!) and I saw Jimi Hendrix’s album, picked it up and saw ‘Hey Joe’ on the tracklisting. I thought, “Hey that’s that song I love”, and got my mum to buy it for me. So, yeah, I was disappointed but then when I heard the first notes of ‘Fire’ I was blown away. Over the next few years I bought everything Jimi Hendrix, learned his songs and played that tape right up until a fateful party in Year 8 when it came undone in my buddy’s tape deck. Farewell sweet tape.

First Album Handed Down To You: Cat Stevens Mona Bona Jakon

I was given a bunch of records from my parents and [bassist] Alex [Moore’s] aunty. This one stands out though. I just don’t think I ever thought he was that cool since I hated folk when I was growing up. Like Donovan and Dylan – hated them! But then he comes out with all these weird chord progressions and timings, and I was sold. I loved the cover art and tried to learn all the songs. I don’t know if I’ll go and see his weird musical though. I appreciate the guy but if there’s one thing stranger than quitting pop music while drowning and searching for God, it’s writing a musical about yourself. But got to be open-minded I guess.

First Breakup Album: Bjork Post

I still feel pretty mellow every time I hear ‘Possibly Maybe’. I love how the slide guitar just glides, almost slime-like into the room and just crushes your heart at the end of the track. I was pretty crushed at the time and I guess I wanted something that made me know that there was more sadness out there than what I was feeling. But then this song is also so sexual and joyous, it has this weird sad/happy effect on me. What do you call that? Nostalgia?

Guilty Pleasure Album: Dr Hook Best Of

I love a crooner. I reckon if I’d been born in the ‘50s and hit 18 around ‘72, I would have hit up the crooner market big time. I just love the idea of singing right into people – like looking in their eyes and really singing at them about love and hope, and all that crooner stuff. Not saying that’s not still going to happen. In fact, with the law of circular history, crooning should come right back in when I hit my mid-30s and I am going to be “ripe to croon” (name of first record).

Favourite Australian Album: Avalanches Since I Left You

This pretty much didn’t leave my CD player for months after I first heard it. I was well into glitch-y and sampl-y stuff like Aphex Twin and DJ Shadow, but this was something more warm and joyous than those things. The time I saw them live in 2001 probably still stands as one if my favourite ever gigs. They had this brass section and a cross-room DJ booth and threw out samples across the room like they were tossing pieces of sweet joy into the air. Legendary.

Album You Once Loved: Everclear Sparkle and Fade

Were they once quite good? Are they still around? That Romeo and Juliet soundtrack is still in my collection. But yeah, if you ever hear a Dappled sound-check, Dave always plays that bloody riff from the famous Everclear track [‘Santa Monica’].

Last Album You Bought: Drive soundtrack

The movie wasn’t as good as I thought it would be but the Cristal Baschet playing on this soundtrack is second to none. I just don’t get why he put that mask on. And then stood outside the shop looking in. But I LOVE Albert Brookes. Have you seen Broadcast News? Now that is a good film.

The Album You Wish You’d Made: Flaming Lips Soft Bulletin Parade

Your Album: Lake Air

I’m still in the “I want to listen to this album everyday” phase. it just makes me feel so happy! The experience of making was fun, the songs came about over a long-time but I couldn’t be happier and it just feels right – a breath of fresh air. At the moment my favourite track is ‘Love Connection’. It’s part super pop but also very sad and isolated in a weird way.

Lake Air is out now through HUB The Label.

Dappled Cities tour:

Thursday, October 4 – The Metro, Sydney

Saturday, October 6 – The Zoo, Brisbane

Wednesday, October 10 – Republic Bar, Hobart

Friday, October 12 – Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Saturday, October 13 – Uni Bar, Adelaide

Sunday, October 14 – Amplifier Bar, Pert