On The Record: Blood Red Shoes

Since forming in 2004 Brighton’s Blood Red Shoes have released three albums – 2008’s Box of Secrets, 2010’s Fire Like This, and the new album In Time to Voices. Over New Years, the duo – Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell – will finally make their way to Australia for their debut tour with a pair of headline shows and appearances at the Pyramid Rock and Peat’s Ridge festivals on their schedule.

It might be the band’s first visit to Australia but they have plenty of touring experience appearing at festivals including All Tomorrows Parties, Reading and Leeds, Summer Sonic, Pukkelpop, T in the Park and supporting the likes of Biffy Clyro, Maxïmo Park, Lightning Bolt, The Gossip, Siouxsie Sioux and Rage Against the Machine.

FL asked Carter to take us through her record collection and share some the albums that she considers guilty pleasures, breakup soundtracks and Australian classics.

First Album You Bought: Elastica – Elastica

The first record I ever bought is a bit of blur because obviously I had records given to me when I was younger, but with my own money I think it was Elastica’s first record.

First Album Handed Down To You: Michael Jackson – Bad

I loved that record and I remember dancing to that growing up but also my parents are Irish and they listened to a lot of Irish folk music so I was always listening to that growing up as well.

First Breakup Album: PJ Harvey – Rid Of Me

Ooh I’ve got a few… but I think PJ Harvey’s Rid Of Me is one of the records I’ve listened to most when I’ve been heartbroken, It’s so angry! I love it.

Guilty Pleasure Album: Guns ‘N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction

I don’t really get embarrassed by my taste in music but tend to find it really funny that I love Guns ‘N’ Roses’ Appetite For Destruction. I’m just really into that record!

Favourite Australian Album: Tame Impala – Lonerism

I really love that band. I love their first record as well. We love them so much that we kind of forced our way on to their London show a few years ago just to get to play with them, we think they’re really cool.

Album You Once Loved: My Bloody Valentine – Loveless

There’s so many, the first one that comes to mind because I listen to it a lot is Loveless by My Bloody Valentine it’s got so much nostalgia for me as a teenager and I could never really get bored of it.

Last Album You Bought: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

I bought Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s first record yesterday on iTunes because everyone has been telling me that I will love this band for years and I’ve not really paid them any attention. Steve’s got loads of them on his iPod and I finally got round to listening and now I’m obsessed!

The Album You Wish You’d Made: Queens Of The Stone Age – Rated R or Fleetwood Mac – Rumors

I’ve listened to Queens Of The Stone Age so much that it’s probably got to be one of their albums, maybe Rated R it would probably be that or perhaps Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors, I can’t really pick one.

Our Album: In Time To Voices

It some ways it was a really difficult record to make. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves. We’ve grown up a lot since we started and when it came time to make the third album we all had such strong ideas that it ended up being quite difficult in the studio with producers because we were all kind of going other directions. Steve and I had recorded the whole record ourselves demo-wise so when it came time to make the record in the studio we were finding it really hard to better what we’d done. In the end, some of the demo’s ended up being on the record. I think really it was a good thing to have a bit of a struggle, because ultimately more creative stuff comes out.

My favourite songs on the record are probably ‘Cold’ and ‘The Silence of The Drones’ which are two very different songs in terms of how they were written. ‘Silence of the Drones’ was written really fast, I wrote the lyrics in about one minute whereas ‘Cold’ was written in jams and soundchecks and we changed a lot of things until we finally got there, but they’re both standout songs for me.

Blood Red Shoes Australian tour

Sunday, December 30 – Peat’s Ridge Music & Arts Festival, Glenworth Valley

Monday, December 31 – Pyramid Rock Festival, Philip Island

Thursday, January 3 – The HiFi, Melbourne

Friday, January 4 – The HiFi, Sydney