OMFM Saturday: Raghu Dixit

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This guy was possibly the highlight of the weekend; not because he had the best music (though it was pretty damn cool), but because of his charisma and the embodiment of what the Festival was all about; sharing music on an international level. Raghu Dixit and band came out on stage wearing skirts, gorgeous, Indian wrap kind of skirts, but still, they certainly made the crowd pay attention.

The first thing he said to us was (and imagine this in an Indian accent if you will) “It cost me 12 000 pounds to get here to play for 25 minutes, so I want you to all get up!” The crowd seated on the grass obliged; no one likes to be told off by the guy on stage. He continued “That’s about 2 year’s savings… and all you so called industry types, you want to change the face of music? Well start by watching us!” And so we all did, industry types and music fans alike, we watched in amused wonder as Raghu Dixit showed us what Indian music is all about. Part rock, part reggae, mixed with traditional Indian vocals, with a superb electric ‘wiolin’, a song about smoking a hookah, and an enthusiastic, steadily growing group of fans dancing their hearts out front and centre.

Dixit was not afraid of self promotion, giving us his web address and encouraging the sale of his album, (which was the highest selling album in India last year). He may not be getting commercial airplay in Australia any time soon, but he’s certainly now gracing the CD shelves of many a person who hadn’t heard him until Saturday.

Find yourself at the festival