OMFM Saturday: Gypsy & The Cat

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Please forgive this obviously biased opinion, but this band showed that there is some merit to short, half hour sets. Maybe if you didn’t have to live through the 80s, you might really enjoy synth-heavy electro-pop, but for some of us, it’s just cringe-worthy.

They opened with Time to Wonder, which has a pretty cool chorus, but it’s the music between words that is the problem. Someone commented “Hey, this sounds like Electric Dreams!” ouch. Second last they did pull out a pretty good song called Gilgamesh (although it wasn’t nearly as good as Perth phenomenon Epic of Gilgamesh), which is the title track to their upcoming album.

Finally they finished up with their breakthrough song Jona Vark (really? REALLY?), which if you’ve listened to Triple J breakfast radio for any length of time in the last 3 months you would have heard at least 60 times. The initial response to hearing this song was “oooh I like this one!” and then you remember that no, it’s not that you like it, it’s just really really familiar…. and then you wish you hadn’t heard it because for the rest of the day you have ‘Jooooonah, Joona-vark’ going around and around in your head.

Once again though, they were yet another band to have a sizable, and exited crowd dancing and singing their little hearts out in front of the stage, so best you make up your own mind about this one.

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