Odd Future on being banned from NZ Big Day Out: “It’s ignorance at its finest!”

Speaking with FasterLouder while in town for the Big Day Out Odd Future’s Syd The Kid has opened up about being kicked off the Auckland leg of the tour saying, “It’s ignorance at its finest!”

Odd Future was scrapped from the New Zealand BDO bill in November following a grass roots protest campaign lead by the LBGT community who took issue with the group’s controversial lyrics, asserting that they: “promote hatred and discrimination and encourage violence…”

Talking candidly about the cancellation Syd, who identifies herself as a lesbian says: “It’s ignorance at its finest. If they really knew what Odd Future was they wouldn’t have been able to pull us from the bill for being homophobic. They’re calling us homophobic, okay, for using homophobic slurs? Okay, cool. But we were still able to perform in New Zealand, in the country at a different venue. We did our own show. Sold it out. It was their loss. So, y’know, whatever. I think next time it wont happen. they’ll be like ‘Uhh, last time we were wrong!’”

Syd went on to say that she finds no issue with Tyler, The Creator’s colourful vocabulary: “When I first started working with Tyler and stuff I was also like, ‘Woah, he said that?’, but you get use to it and you get desensitised to it and those words can’t harm you. Why let such destructive words, why give them power…. They don’t need to mean anything. What’s the point in a word you cant say? What’s the point of having words you can’t say? It’s stupid to me.”

Stay tuned to FL for the full interview with Odd Future this month.