NZ Big Day Out cans Odd Future

Update: The Big Day Out have issued FasterLouder with an official statement:

The Auckland City Council has jumped the gun, leaking that Odd Future will no longer be appearing at the Auckland Big Day Out due to lobbyist groups.

We are currently in discussions with Odd Future and will be announcing their own solo show for Auckland in the coming weeks. This does not affect Australia. Last time they played for the government at Vivid!

Regards, Ken

Odd Future has reportedly been scrapped from the New Zealand Big Day Out following a grass roots protest campaign lead by the LBGT community, according to Gay and Lesbian website

The website reports that gay activist Calum Bennachie sent a letter of protest to the Big Day Out promoters outlining his concerns over the content of the group’s lyrics – which many consider to be homophobic and misogynistic. In his letter Bennachie states: “It is through lyrics used by Odd Future that “Whole cultures may be induced, invited, or permitted to hate people or ideas they fear, or who are perceived as threats to their dearly held values” I would have thought that you had learned what happens through that sort of music after the Beanie Man controversy, but it appears you have not.”

Rapper Beanie Man was cut from the 2010 BDO lineup after a similar protest movement in New Zealand which took offence at his homophobic remarks. Bennachie writes that: “Beenie Man and groups like Odd Future that promote hatred and discrimination against groups encourage violence against those groups. If it is acceptable to say something similar to “Gays are a cancer on society that deserves to be eliminated?”, then what group would be next?”

The passionate email was sent to the head of Auckland Council’s Parks and Heritage Forum Sandra Coney and Minister of Immigration Jonathan Coleman and reportedly “set off a chain reaction”, with Coney seeking the council and CEO of Regional Facilities, John Brockies opinion.

Coney says that after receiving the letter she approached the CEO of Regional Facilities Auckland John Brockies with Bennachie’s concerns and that “After a discussion with BDO organisers this group will no longer be appearing in BDO in NZ.”

According to the BDO is yet to make an official comment. FasterLouder has contacted the Big Day Out to find out what this news will mean for Odd Future’s Australian tour.

The news comes only days after Odd Future’s Left Brain was accused of assault following a performance at the Voodoo Experience in New Orleans.