Over 20 years ago one band joined a thriving punk scene and built an empire.They became one of the few names in punk rock that your parents will provide a slight nod and say “I’ve heard of them”. They are classed as one of the most successful independent acts of all time and their name is known, respected and sometimes spat on from every corner of the globe. They are NOFX.

Guitarist, Eric Melvin, took time out of his schedule which now revolves around recent Melvin family addition, Eli, to speak about punk rock and the amazement he finds in now being a punk rock dad. There are no qualms in speaking for the wider FasterLouder community when saying congratulations to Eric and Erica Melvin on their new arrival, Eli. Eli Melvin was already changing Eric’s way of life before he had even arrived, for the better. “My wife was pregnant for the whole past year while I was on tour so it was a little harder for me to go away, knowing that I wasn’t going to be around to help her out, so that’s going to be hard.”

“Something happened a little over a year, or two years ago, when we were thinking about the fact that we were going to want to get pregnant soon and I already started slowing down with the late night drinking and other partying so I’m already going through some kind of next level of my life where I feel like I don’t have to get so wasted all the time anymore. That helps. When he was born, I was in a good headspace to have a baby. It’s hard not sleeping much; it’s amazing how irritable a person can get such as myself.”

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