New Year wrap: Falls Festival, Pyramid Rock, Peats Ridge and more

Now that the Christmas pudding has digested and the hangovers have cleared it’s time to look back on all the New Year’s action – from Falls Festival in Melbourne to Peat’s Ridge in Sydney.

Falls Festival – Lorne

Day One review

“”Courtesy of Boogie Nights’ safari theme zoological onesies abounded (whenever Saturday’s sun wasn’t too prohibitive) and remained de rigeur throughout the weekend. These were the harmless cousins of another ubiquitous costume: Native American headdress that encouraged endless spontaneous break-outs of drunken hey-howareya pow wows.””:

Day Two review

“”Overheard countless times was the invariable conclusion that Flume was going to be sick and that The Flaming Lips – whoever they might be – were probably from the ‘80s.””:

Peats Ridge Festival – Sydney

Pyramid Rock Festival – Melbourne

Field Day – Sydney

The Hives – Brisbane

The Cribs – Sydney

Maximo Park – Melbourne