Listen to ‘If I Ever Was A Child’ from the just-announced Wilco album, ‘Schmilco’

Photo by Tony Proudfoot

For a little while now, there were big hints that Wilco were gearing up to release the follow up to last year’s Star Wars, and now it’s set in stone – Schmilco is set to be released on September 9.

It follows some interesting detective work that was happening in the last few days: following the release of their single, ‘Locator’, music site Stereogum received a tip from a Twitter user that the song ‘Locator’ was not released to recognise the one year anniversary of Star Wars, but actually taken off a soon to be released album.

Sure enough, once Stereogum had run the song through a content-ID service, it appeared among a list of 12 songs under that album name. It seemed that an announcement was imminent – and sure enough, Wilco have followed through.

The album features artwork from well-loved, and somewhat profane illustrator Joan Cornella.

They’ve released a new cut off the record, ‘If I Ever Was A Child’, to go along nicely with the announcement.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 2.55.56 PMSchmilco Tracklist

01 ‘Normal American Kids’
02 ‘If I Ever Was A Child’
03 ‘Cry All Day’
04 ‘Common Sense’
05 ‘Nope’
06 ‘Someone To Lose’
07 ‘Happiness’
08 ‘Quarters’
09 ‘Locator’
10 ‘Shrug And Destroy’
11 ‘We Aren’t The World (Safety Girl)’
12 ‘Just Say Goodbye’

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