New Van Halen album with David Lee Roth

Renowned abusers of hairspray and other substances throughout the 1980s, flamboyant rock gods Van Halen have nearly finished work on a new album, due out in the first half of next year.

The band’s iconic, deranged original singer David Lee Roth has been confirmed as vocalist for the new record, shedding interesting light on the dynamic between Roth and eponymous guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

The relationship between the two is notoriously torrid, with Roth leaving the band in 1985 largely due to personal differences with Van Halen.

He was replaced first with Sammy Hagar, then Gary Cherone, leading to greater commercial success for the band, but sacrificing some of their critical acclaim.

Van Halen reformed for a reunion tour in 2007, with a line-up of Eddie Van Halen, brother Alex, Eddie’s son Wolfgang and Roth rocking audiences across North America.

Music website Consequence of Sound reports the possibility of another tour to accompany the new album, with a single released before the end of the year.