New Nick Cave movie

Though he recently collaborated with UNKLE and has a new Grinderman album coming out in September followed by a European tour, Nick Cave still has time to adapt his novel The Death of Bunny Monro into a made-for-TV movie.

Cave has announced that the story about the breakdown of a disillusioned middle-aged man dealing with the suicide of his ill wife, will star Ray Winstone and be directed by John Hillcoat.

The trio also teamed up for The Proposition back in 2005, which was writtern and scored by Cave, directed by Hillcoat, and featured Ray Winstone in a lead role.

According to an interview in Empire ,the book actually began life as a screenplay, but was rewritten as a novel when the film project went nowhere.

”[Winstone] really loved the script when we first handed it to him,” says Cave. “He was really excited about it, and really distressed when it kinda tanked and never got made.”