Neon Knights, Alex Mcleod, Staky, Biggie, Sean Kelly @ Transit Bar, Canberra (02/10/08)

Once again Transit Bar exceeded the entertainment barrier measuring how well a venue can provide bands/acts/DJs performing the best live sets. Following on from the electro, disco party from last week, Transit kept with the theme entertaining the hoards.

To get the party started were local and interstate DJs Alex Mcleod, Staky, Biggie and Sean Kelly. Each one had their own unique style to beat out the grooves and manipulate their sound the way they wanted. They also all seemed to play similar hip-hop, dance and R&B tunes, but that is not a negative comment, just an observation.

However these genres were not the main focus of the night with undertones of beats similar in sound to Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, Muse and Midnight Juggernauts also shining through. Ironically some of these artists are Sean Kelly’s inspirations.

From where I was sitting (on the strip of lounge near the stage FYI) all of these DJs possessed the passion and enthusiasm of a committed musician who has worked hard in order to achieve what they want. The evidence lies in their stage performance, which demonstrates their ability to mix all the beats together into the sweet apple pie your mother/grandmother makes! And as fate would have it each one mixed down their material to a T with an extra cherry on top. This alone brought more people down the stairwell from Akuna St. to grab a slice of the pie.

By 11-11:30 pm the crowd levels had boosted and everyone had completely become transfixed into the world of techno. It should also be said that the local and interstate DJs were the best possible cure for anticipation anxiety for the headline act.

Finally the wait was over and Melbourne duo Neon Knights graced the stage with their renown progressive/electro/indie tunes in the spirit of Grafton Primary. These guys could very well turn out to be the next PNAU or Black Ghosts as they possess the same energy and talent in their live performance and songs including Something In Her Eyes, Problems In The Playground and The Cellar off their self-titled demo. They could make their live sets a bit lengthier to generate as much hysteria needed to fully off-set punters, but that is something that will come with time.

The only other notable downer was the attendance levels as they could have been a little larger but as expected this time of year as the festival season is brewing, punters are conserving their time and energy for the big bang at the end of the year. This show was a great way to broaden our horizons in the world of electro and an appropriate entríƒÆ’í‚©e for other upcoming electro festivals like Our House and Foreshore.