N* Grandjean – Fairly Young

Fairly Young is the second album by a largely unknown (outside of his homeland) Danish singer/songwriter who goes by the nom de plume N Grandjean. His his gentle strumming and breathy vocal style suck you in very easily over these eleven tracks.

Every Hour Spent is one of the stand out moments where his warm vocals and harmonies and rhythm bring you right down to earth. You can almost feel your blood pressure dropping as you ease into the smooth groove that he has laid out here.

The songs move along in a similar vein throughout where you get some very wide open production that makes you feel as if you are in a small room with the artist as he sings to you. Microphone starts off within this sense and then takes off into a repetitive and soulful vocal that is delicate and brave. The strings and arrangements of vocals and guitar and percussion make this a delightful and uplifting record. Songs like The Truth and Little Right Monsters can take you away on a gentle stream of sunshine especially when the background vocals come on and surprise your ears. Grandjean has been on the music scene in his homeland for quite awhile and as he nears 40 this record may bring him some notoriety.

Turn up the fire and settle down with a warm glass of red wine and let this record and its simplicity wash over your being. To compare this to the quieter side of John Butler and Damien Rice would not be too far off, but comparisons may not be worthy, and this is a record that will reward you over more than one listen. Take a chance on this artist and you will discover something that is surprisingly exquisite.