Mysterious “3rd-Eye-Girl” leaks new Prince music

A self described “international art thief” by the name of “3rd-Eye-Girl” has stirred up Prince fans by leaking a series of previously unreleased material, remixes and rehearsal videos online.

Telling fans that “everything you think is true”, the mysterious 3rd-Eye-Girl has leaked a previously unreleased song called ‘Same Different Page’, an alternate version of Prince’s recent single ‘Rock and Roll Love Affair’, an extended version of ‘LayDown’ from Prince’s 20ten album, and a rehearsal video of Prince and his band performing the 1979 cut ‘Bambi’. The Facebook and Twitter accounts have also published links to music by Taja Sevelle, who was signed to Prince’s Paisley Park label in 1987, and English vocalist Jo Hamilton.

While it’s unclear who’s behind the posts, Prince contacted fan blog Dr Funkenberry on January 1 to announce that “PRINCE & The NPG is putting U on notice that 2013 is going to be BIG. Stay Tuned…” So he’s clearly cooking up something interesting this year.

Prince notoriously banned Youtube and iTunes from using his music, and announced in 2010 that “the internet’s completely over” he was also the first major artist to release an album, 1997’s Crystal Ball, exclusively on the internet. Curiously the song ‘3rd Eye’ appeared on the a release called The Truth, which was issued as a bonus disc with Crystal Ball.

While we can probably look forward to hearing more Prince rarities thanks to 3rd-Eye-Girl, it’s likely to be many years before we’ll see him back in Australia to follow up on last year’s run of arena shows, which “delivered in every possible way” according to FL’s review. Prince has toured Australia just three times: in 1992, 2003 and 2012.