Music: A Shady Business? No Way!

There have been many tales of the extreme shadyness of the music industry. Recently at a tribute event for Stevie Wright of the legendary Easybeats, Tim Rogers described some members of the music industry as sycophantic bullshit artists, or words to that effect.

In an effort to ensure that Australian musicians don’t fall prey to those industry vultures, the nice people at Immedia are organising seminars in both Sydney and Melbourne entitled “How to Avoid The Scams & Shams of the Music Industry”.

The seminars take participants through ways musicians can avoid being scammed by record companies, TV stations, promoters and the many other sycophants that are out there to rip you off. The seminars will be preceded by a short talk about the legendary South-by-South-West Music Conference and Festival; an event that provides unsigned artists with an opportunity to showcase their talent to many of the music industries heavy hitters.

The seminars take place in mid-September; the Sydney event on September 13 at the Enmore, and on September 14 at the Prince of Wales in Melbourne. In both cities the seminars kick off at 6pm with SxSW talk and the main event starts at 7pm. For more details head to the IMMEDIA website.