Muse on next album: “It’s going to have some twists and turns”

When Muse reach Australian shores in November fans will get the chance to hear the band’s latest album The 2nd Law live for the first time. However, as FL discovered in an exclusive chat with the band earlier this week, the stadium rockers are already talking about their next record.

Speaking with FL’s David Swan ahead of the tour bassist Chris Wolstenholme revealed that the band will wrap up touring the The 2nd Law after their Australian visit to set their sights on album number seven. “We’re talking about [the next album] at the moment. You sort of get to that stage where you’ve been touring an album for a year and we know that Australia could potentially be the end of the touring for this album,” he said.

While he admitted that the band was “not in the doing stage” just yet, Wolstenholme confirmed that talk had turned to what sound Muse might explore on their future recordings. “Quite often you think about how certain things are being received on the previous album, and we do talk about what [we] think people want to hear” he explained. “And I think it’s difficult for us sometimes, because when you ask the question ‘What kind of band are we?’, it’s very difficult to answer that. Everybody’s got very different opinions about what are the better Muse songs, some people love ‘Plug In Baby’, some people like ‘New Born’, some people like ‘Madness’. Some like ‘Exogenesis’. All very very different sides of the band, you know?”

“Fans know when a new Muse album comes out, it’s not going to be like the last one.”

He continued, “I think in a way it also keeps [us] inventive, because we’ve always been the kind of band that our albums have been relatively diverse, pretty much from the start, and got even more so where we’re in a lucky situation where we can expand on an album, because I think that’s what people expect us to do now. They know when a new Muse album comes out, it’s not going to be like the last one. It’s going to have some twists and turns. It’s always going to be a shock.”

While Wolstenholme wrote and sung two songs on The 2nd Law – ‘Save Me’ and ‘Liquid State’ – he says he has no plans of usurping vocalist Matt Belamy on the next record. “It’s a difficult one because obviously I don’t want to sing too many songs” he said.

“I think it’d completely and utterly change what Muse is all about. I think you have to be careful, if I was to start singing half the songs on the album it would create a bit of a divide between the fans. I think one or two songs is fine, you know. Hopefully it’s something I’ll do more of. I’d have to write some songs first, but the thing is if the songs are good enough then hopefully they’ll go on the next album.”


Muse tour:

Saturday, November 30 – Perth Arena, Perth (All Ages)

Wednesday, December 4 – Entertainment Centre, Adelaide (All Ages)

Friday, December 6 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne (All Ages)

Tuesday, December 10 – Entertainment Centre, Brisbane (All Ages)

Friday, December 13 – Allphones Arena, Sydney (All Ages)