Muse: “No Australian tour until 2014”

Space opera pioneers, dubstep converts and Olympic torch bearers Muse won’t be bringing their new album The 2nd Law until 2014.

The news comes from triple j magzine’s music editor, Samantha Clode, who interviewed the band yesterday and has announced on Twitter that although Muse was “chuffed” with triple j’s joke version of the band’s new single Survival there’ll be “No Oz tour though ‘til 2014”.

The trio haven’t been seen in Australia since 2010, although they did tour twice that year – headlining the Big Day Out in January before returning for a low key tour eleven months later. These second shows saw the band playing atop giant towers erected in the middle of arenas surrounded by what FL’s reviewer described as “enough End Of The World art direction to make it seem like Pink Floyd never happened”.

The band’s new single Survival has divided opinions with the 44% of FL voters declaring that it is “Terrible, but it’s an Olympic song so at least it’s not Nikki Webster”, while 13% declared that the song is “Part of a fiendish Illuminati plan to destroy the world.”

As that review of the band’s show in Sydney in 2010 noted: “Muse will always straddle the divide between cool and geeky, no matter how many times their songs are used in vampire movies. As we leave the stadium reeling, the one name that emerges in conversations all around us is that of the late Freddie Mercury’s. Certainly Muse have put on a glam show worthy of comparison to their countrymen, Queen. And Bellamy, with his shining falsetto, guitar solos and even shinier pants, could well be the man’s natural successor. We’ll probably find that out for certain on the next Muse tour, which one has little doubt will be on the moon.”