Motion City Soundtrack – Go

Back with their fifth record Go, Motion City Soundtrack have toned back their synthesisers and turned up the guitars to offer up the most mature sound of their career, not necessarily in terms of song-writing, more so the serious undertone to their new music, which loses the bright happy gimmicks present in their last effort My Dinosaur Life.

The band recorded with producer Ed Ackerson, who previously recorded a selection of their acoustic songs which has kept the MCS “sound” fairly intact. True Romance is a good example of the balance between the serious and playful sides of the group, more lightweight than other material, but still fairly grown-up, swapping backing synths for strings. Son Of A Gun is an album highlight, sounding like Pierre is coming down from his ADD pills and enjoying the fact that he can write lines to stay stuck in your head. The vocalist mentioned that lyrically he seemed obsessed with death on this record, which may explain why there are far darker tones on this album than any other of the group’s previous offerings.

Not everything is doom and gloom however, a great example being Everyone Will Die, which presents the subject of death as a love song, drenched in the irony that makes the hairs on the back of Pierre’s neck stand up. Timelines is a reflective song in which the lyrics hit their most sombre and honest peak as the line “It’s not a matter of time, it’s a matter of timing’ repeats hauntingly in the background.

The record ends with the fast paced and anthemic Floating Down The River and three bonus tracks for Australian audiences which are heavier than anything else on the actual record, which could explain why they didn’t fit the tone. Go is the beginning of the group’s next phase, one that pays homage to everything they were whilst showing everything they now are.