Moshcam highlights

A few weeks ago you were no doubt distracted from work by the sight of Tupac’s hologram, or maybe you were busy watching the live Coachella sets from Radiohead, Florence and The Machine, Radiohead or Bon Iver. Next week you’ll be able to watch the Amon Tobin and The Temper Trap and Imogen Heap shows at Vivid LIVE streaming live from the Sydney Opera House. It seems that now that we all have (reasonably) fast internet connections and carry little movie screens in our pockets (or handbags) watching gigs online and on phones has become the new actually going to gigs.

Well not quite, even Moshcam co-founder Paul Hannigan admits that watching a gig on a screen can never replace the real thing. He recently told our friends at Mess+Noise that “As someone who has spent more hours in live venues than probably my own house, nothing will replace the feeling of being in the room watching musicians who have quite literally changed my life playing in the flesh. Everything from the mood of the crowd to the mix in the room is something you can never replicate. That being said, if you can’t be there, or if you want to relive it, this is a damn good second best. I’ll settle for that… The number one thing we are trying to convey is the energy on stage and in the room. We’re not about over-production which can lead to a very sanitised version of a show.”

Moshcam began five years ago filming shows at Sydney venues like The Enmore, Metro Theatre and Factory. The first show they filmed was Gotye and much like the star of that debut Moshcam has grown a hell a lot in the last few years. The recent launch of the Moshcam app now lets you stream hundreds of gigs on your mobile phone or iPad. And soon they’ll be releasing an Android version and even let you watch shows on your PS3.

So, as the weather starts to get a little chillier and the motivation to venture outside to an actual venue begins to wane, we trawled through the Moshcam archives to find some of their highlights and help you get your dose of live music.


Nine Inch Nails:

Explosions In The Sky:

The Bronx:

Public Enemy:

The Hives: