Morrissey has slammed Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce over live exports

Morrissey is really angry at Barnaby Joyce – and it has absolutely nothing to do with Johnny Depp’s dogs.

Earlier today Moz – who is currently touring Australia – sent Joyce a letter admonishing the “horrific cruelty” of Australia’s live-export industry. The Smiths’ former frontman – who is famously vegan – targeted the Deputy PM specifically for “condemning millions of animals to this fate every year”. He pointed out Australia’s lack of an animal-welfare department and slipped in a “meat is murder” reference because, of course.

Moz being Moz, he also made sure to mock Barnaby Joyce’s ruddy complexion. “You can deny it until you are red(er) in the face, but the industry is dying,” he wrote.

The call to ban live cattle-exports picked up steam this year when in June the ABC aired graphic footage of Australian cattle being beaten to death with sledgehammers in a Vietnamese abattoir. At the time, Joyce – the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources – said that negligent live cattle exporters could have their licences revoked, but has been silent on this issue since.

Morrissey’s Australian tour winds up at the Civic Theatre in Newcastle tonight (October 31). Ahead of the tour, he spoke to FL about Brexit, country music and, um, cakes. Check out the full interview here.

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