More Radiohead tickets to be released “closer to the tour dates”

Radiohead promoters Chugg Entertainment have said that more tickets to the sold out tour will be released closer to the shows in November. The small handful of tickets will come from cancelled transactions that were deemed to have breached the conditions of sale.

In an update of their Facebook page Chuggs have said: “So, there’s been a lot of questions regarding when & how cancelled Radiohead tickets will be released back to sale. These tickets (and any other potential new releases) won’t be made available for sale at this time. We’ll be releasing them closer to the tour dates and any announcements in relation to this will appear on this page, as well as our website.

When Radiohead tickets went on sale to the public last Thursday Ticketmaster and Ticketek struggled to cope with the demand and while many punters missed out, a flood of over-priced tickets soon appeared on e-bay. Chuggs responded to the issue, advising they would be policing the matter with cancellations where possible: “We will not cancel a ticket unless we can determine with absolute certainty which exact seats or general admission tickets breach the conditions of sale, as we would otherwise risk cancelling tickets purchased by true fans like the majority of you. With that said, we are regularly scanning listings to look for tickets that we are able to cancel and will continue to do so up until the tour. If you come across a listing that specifies the exact ticket allocation (including seat numbers or exact GA ticket numbers) please send the page link to us at [email protected] and we will look into it immediately.”

“Since yesterday afternoon, the ticketing agencies have found a small number of credit cards that had transacted more than one order of 4 tickets, and subsequently have cancelled a handful of tickets. We again urge you NOT to buy tickets from scalpers or off of eBay as there is a chance that one of these cancelled orders is the tickets you just paid for.”

Meanwhile, if you were lucky enough to get tickets maybe it’s time to start dreaming about your perfect Radiohead set-list – we have been!