Millencolin on Soundwave festival: “We got screwed over kind of bad”

Legendary Swedish skate punks Millencolin are back in the country to swig beers, catch-up some of their most dedicated fans, and play a bunch of rowdy headline shows. It’ll be just like their last visit when they toured Australia with the Soundwave festival early last year, but hopefully this time around they’ll actually get paid.

Speaking to, guitarist and founding member Mathias Farm has said that he wasn’t shocked to hear about the festival’s failure. “I loved that festival and we had such a good time playing it but we kind of noticed something was wrong just afterwards because we never got paid,” he explains. “We got some money but we got screwed over kind of bad. For us to get down to Australia costs a lot of money and also the crew have to get paid, they always get paid. But we never really got the money we were promised. Some other bands got hit much harder than we were but still, we noticed something was wrong.”

But despite the payment issues Farm still says that the team behind Soundwave “were good people.” Millencolin played on two Soundwave tours appearing on the lineup in 2011 alongside Iron Maiden and Queens of the Stone Age before returning to the festival bill last year. They were also part of the lineup for the Warped festival tour in 2013 that was promoted by AJ Maddah,

Millencolin’s “True Brew’ tour dates

Tuesday, April 26 – Metropolis, Fremantle
Thursday, April 28 – HQ, Adelaide
Friday, April 29 – Roundhouse, Sydney
Saturday, April 30 – Coolangatta Hotel, Coolangatta
Sunday, May 1 – The Tivoli, Brisbane
Monday, May 2 – 170 Russell, Melbourne
Tuesday, May 3 – 170 Russell, Melbourne