Midnight Oil “up for” a reunion tour

Despite their former manager saying the band had no plans to reform, Midnight Oil drummer Rob Hirst has told FL that the band is “up for” a reunion tour.

Speaking to FL’s Andrew P. Street, Hirst said they were just waiting on frontman Peter Garrett to free up his schedule before they could reconvene. “Peter [Garrett]’s writing his memoirs at the moment so that might take a while, but I think everyone’s up for it,” he said. “Bonesy’s [Bones Hillman, bass] living in Nashville, and by all accounts playing better than ever – the callouses on his fingers must be enormous by now! And of course Martin [Rotsey], Jim [Moginie] and I all play in The Break, so everyone’s around. We’ll just see down the track. Hopefully it won’t be so long that we won’t be able to put on the sort of show that we’d like to put on.”

Hirst was talking to FL to mark the release of a new DVD Black Rain Falls, which captures the band’s infamous 1990 guerrilla concert outside Exxon Oil headquarters in protest of the disastrous Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Speculation that the band would be making a comeback commenced when frontman Peter Garrett resigned from politics in the wake of the Labor Party’s leadership spill last year. The band has reportedly received offers of up to US$200,000 to headline festivals in America. Midnight Oil dissolved in 2002, as Garrett wished to focus on his political career. Since then the band has reformed twice for charity events: WaveAid in 2005 and Sound Relief in 2009.