Metallica set to play the Black Album in full at Soundwave 2013?

Soundwave Festival boss AJ Maddah has revealed that Metallica will be using their famed “Snakepit” set up on the festival tour next month, which strongly suggests that the band will be playing their 1991 self-titled record – “The Black Album” – in full.

In a series of tweets Maddah conformed that there won’t be a D at the main stage this year and that Soundwave will be using combination of Snakepit, T and Static barriers at the festival’s stages.

The presence of the Snakepit all but confirms that Metallica will be playing The Black Album as they resurrected the pit for their 20th anniversary “Black Album” shows in Europe last year. Hyping the tour, the band’s official website told fans, “For those of you who were with us almost 20 years ago for the summer of ‘92-’93 tours, you might recall that diamond shaped pit extending from the middle of the stage, well it’s baccccckkkk for our little summer vacation! … What would a tour of the Black Album be without a snake pit?”

Last year’s 16-date Black Album tour saw Metallica headline several European festivals including the Portuguese edition of Rock in Rio Festival, Spain’s Sonisphere Festival, Rock am Ring in Germany and Download in England.

While the full details of the Soundwave 2013 set-times aren’t scheduled to be released until late next week, Maddah has already confirmed that Metallica will headline the festival with a two hour show.

Metallica’s 2012 Black Album tour setlist


Hit the Lights

Master of Puppets

The Shortest Straw/No Remorse/Fuel/Ride The Lightning/The Four Horsemen

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Blackened/Battery/Fight Fire With Fire/Hell and Back

“The Black Album”

The Struggle Within

My Friend of Misery

The God That Failed

Of Wolf and Man

Nothing Else Matters

Through the Never

Don’t Tread On Me

Wherever I May Roam

The Unforgiven

Holier Than Thou

Sad But True

Enter Sandman


Fuel/Creeping Death/Battery/Blackened/Fight Fire with Fire


Seek & Destroy