Meredith Music Festival 2012 lineup

If the world were to end come December 21st is there any other place you would rather be than dancing wildly, Pink Flamingo in hand, at a “eucalyptic, pre-apocalyptic neuvo classic charismatic flyin’ purple people eater bush rave-up”?’ I think not.

Luckily Aunty M has been paying attention to the Mesoamerican calendar and (just in case we are due a visit from the flaming horseman of the apocalypse at year’s end) has pulled together a Meredith Music Festival lineup that just can’t be beat.

Following on from the announcement that Grimes and The Sunnyboys will be gracing us with their presence at Meredith 2012, we can confirm that Primal Scream have been tasked with ensuring the Supernatural Amphitheatre is fully Loaded on Saturday night; Four Tet has been crowned Friday night’s party starter and J Spaceman has been given permission to land Spiritualized among the Ghost Gums and Cypress Pines for what is sure to be one transcendental pre-apololyptic freak out.

Rounding things out will be exotic party-starter Souleyman, the 85 year-old king of honking Big Jay McNeely and, taking off where Dennis Cometti left off, J.B Smoove aka Leon Black from Curb Your Enthusiasm will be hosting The Gift on Sunday morning. Leon Black!

Meredith Music Festival 2012 lineup

Primal Scream


Four Tet




Omar Souleyman


Big Jay McNeely

Chet Faker

Rahzel & DJ JS-1




Hot Snakes


DJ Yamantaka Eye

J.B. Smoove


Toot Toot Toots

Meredith Sky Show


Bitter Sweet Kicks

The Town Bikes


Fraser A Gorman & Big Harvest

Angus Sampson

Royal Headache

City Of Ballarat Municipal Brass Band

Silence Wedge

Curious how a small party in a paddock grew into Melbourne’s Musical Mecca? Check out our interview with Aunty Meredith about the festival’s 21 most memorable party moments.


Best chance for tickets is to enter the Ballot at before 10pm Tuesday st August. Round One has been drawn and results hit inboxes Wednesday 15th August. Round Two results out Thursday 23rd August.