Melbourne will have “fuck all” Soundwave sideshows in 2015

February can be a difficult month for Soundwave fans in Melbourne as bank accounts take a pounding from the stack of Soundwave festival sideshows – or Sidewaves – on offer. But according to promoter AJ Maddah this year will be very different.

Maddah has told fans that there will be “fuck all” sideshows in Melbourne in 2015 blaming “greedy developer cunts and corrupt City Of Melbourne Council scumbags” who have closed too many venues. “A few years ago we had The Palace at St Kilda, The Metro and QBH in the city,” Maddah says. “Now there are no 2000 cap rooms in Melbourne.”

The Palace, which closed in May last year, was capped at 1850 patrons and hosted many Sidewave shows including 2014 gigs for Alice in Chains, Rob Zombie, Korn, Mastodon, and Barroness. The only other comparable venues in Melbourne are the 1500-capacity Forum Theatre in the city and the 2896-capacity Palais Theatre in St Kilda, which is a seated venue and not conducive to most Soundwave shows.

As FL reported in 2013, the loss of The Palace looms as a logistical nightmare for bookers trying to entice overseas bands to our shores. “The proposed demolition of The Palace Theatre won’t affect the health of Melbourne’s grassroots music community,” wrote FL Editor-in-chief Darren Levin. “What The Palace does provide though is a place for mid-sized tours – the kind that can’t fill out Etihad (53,000 capacity or 20,000 in “intimate” mode), Rod Laver (14,820), Hisense Arena (10,500), Festival Hall (5445), the Myer Music Bowl (25,000), or The Plenary (5540). We’re talking shows by the likes of Bernard Fanning, Foals, Parkway Drive, Devin Townsend, Amity Affliction, Lana Del Rey and Pennywise. And that’s a big gap to fill for a city that likes to think of itself as Australia’s live music capital.”