Melbourne band lose all their music gear in fire

Melbourne band Hollow Everdaze faced a devastating loss last Friday when a shed housing all their music gear and other personal possessions burnt to the ground in a freak fire.

Located on bass player Jackson Kay’s family property in the regional town of Bacchus Marsh, the shed was the “birthplace of the band and its base of operations”. According to a post on the band’s Facebook the fire was caused by an electrical fault and came close to engulfing Kay’s father’s house as well.

Hollow Everdaze outside of “the shed” pre-fire

Faced with the loss of all of their music equipment Hollow Everdaze – who are in the middle of recording their new album – have launched a Pozzible campaign to help them get back on their feet. With a target of $6000 any funds pledged will be used to help replace a Bassman amp, Fender Jazzmaster, Ampeg bass amp and cab, Pearl drum kit and a collection of, microphones and rehearsal gear. Some money will also go towards rebuilding the shed.

At the lowest end of the scale a $15 pledge will get you a digital copy of Hollow Everdaze’s next record, I Will Not Fear, while for $6000 Jackson Kay and drummer Dan Baulch “will bare gloved fists for a boxing match in your very own backyard”. Head here to make your pledge.

Hollow Everdaze are set to play Major Leagues EP launch at the Worker’s Club on Saturday, February 14.