Melbourne band booted off flight due to “bad case of gastro”

Melbourne’s East Brunswick All Girls Choir have been forced to cancel their appearance at New Zealand’s Camp A Low Hum this weekend due to a “bad case of gastro”.

The band were refused access to board their flight to NZ yesterday after the pilot discovered that singer Marcus Hobbs was recovering from a bout of gastroenteritis. In fact, the four-piece were literally walking onto the plane when they were stopped from boarding.

“When we went to board Marcus asked for an upgrade or a row to himself because he didn’t feel well,” the band told FL. After explaining to the flight attendant that Hobbs had been in hospital with gastro earlier in the week, the pilot was informed of the situation and refused the band entry. ”[The flight attendant] said ‘We’re refusing you to come on the plane in case you infect other people’, so [we all] decided to stay.”

East Brunswick All Girls Choir were due to play the last ever Camp A Low Hum this weekend, alongside more than 35 international acts (including 25 from Australia) and 50 acts from New Zealand.

The band will (hopefully) embark on a full NZ tour later in the year when they release their debut full length album Seven Drummers. FL will premiere the record’s second single ‘Mon Repos’ next week. The album’s first single, ‘Dirty Bird’, was FL’s Song Of The Week in December last year. Listen below.