Meet the two Irish guys making a killing by pretending to be Daft Punk

In 2015, your chances of seeing Daft Punk behind the decks are slim to none. Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have been telling fans they have no plans to tour ever since Random Access Memories dropped two years ago, with the pair’s last show happening way back in 2010 at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

But if you just can’t wait until electronic music’s most famous Frenchmen make their return, there’s this. Over in Ireland, two entrepreneurial blokes have been busy making a living as “the world’s first Daft Punk tribute act,” with a UK tour already under their belt and string of European dates to come. Ministry of Sound hung out with the act – who call themselves Daft As Punk – at their first London show, and you can get to know them below.

Naturally, the story of their musical beginnings is every bit as inspiring as you’d expect: “We went to this bar in Dublin that has really good Guinness,” the pair explain. “We sat down talking shite-for-the-night about how we could make some money because we were both on the dole. And then as you do in a pub after eight pints of Guinness, we just had a brainwave.”

They ordered some helmets online, booked a venue and the rest is history. “I’m a Daft Punk fan,” one half of the Irish pair tells the camera. “I love going to see Daft Punk and they don’t fucking play anymore, it’s so annoying. They just make appearances, they walk on stage and walk off. Fuck that. They come and see us for ten quid and it’s like seeing Daft Punk. It’s exactly the same. Well, our pyramid isn’t as big as theirs…”

You can meet the not-quite-Daft duo below or if you want the robot experience a little closer to home, check out Australia’s own Daft Punk tribute show Discovery, who play regularly around the country.