Meat Loaf: “The AFL are jerks”

Gary Busey’s nemesis Meat Loaf has responded to criticism over his abysmal performance at this year’s AFL Grand Final calling the league” jerks” and threatening to warn other singers off participating in pre-match entertainment.

According to The Age, the chunky rocker disputes being paid a hefty $500,000 for his 10 minute pre-game medley, which was widely panned by fans and media alike. Addressing the incident in an interview the singer said: “I’m sorry, they’re jerks. I do not like them [the AFL]. And I’ll tell you what, anybody that I hear announces that they’re going to play for them I’m going to write to that particular artist a letter and tell them not to. And I hope the AFL hears this and I want this everywhere. Because I will go out of my way to tell any artist do not play for them.”

Meaty has blamed the AFL for his off-key performance, saying they didn’t give him sufficient time for soundcheck nor could he hear the backing music in his earpiece.

The news will no doubt come as a personal blow to the AFL’s CEO Andrew Demetriou, who is a self-confessed fan of the Loaf. In a press conference on the eve of the Grand Final Demetriou told reporters that when he was a youngster ”[Meatloaf was] on constant rotation in my tape deck in the Toyoto Corolla”.

Frankly we don’t’ know what all the fuss is about, Australian sporting events have a long history of providing us with appalling game day entertainment. From Angry Anderson to Daryl Somers you can watch some of our favourites right here.