Mars Volta leaders reunite as Antemasque

The Mars Volta have reunited. Well, they’ve reunited in all but name anyway.

Just over 12 months after announcing that the Mars Volta had split, Cedric Bixler-Zavala has teamed up with guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez for a new supergroup: Antemasque.

The project also features Red Hot Chili Peppers’ bassist (and longtime Mars Volta collaborator) Flea and drummer Dave Elitch who played with Mars Volta from 2009 – 2010. Elitch has also played with Miley Cyrus, M83, and Justin Timberlake and is currently a member of another supergroup – Killer Be Killed – with Greg Puciato of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Max Cavalera of Soulfly/ex-Sepultura and Troy Sanders of Mastodon.

Bixler-Zavala announced The Mars Volta’s split via a series of Tweets last January. The enigmatic frontman revealed that he was no longer a member of the prog-rock group, and indicated that a fall-out with longtime friend, and collaborator Omar Rodrí­guez-Lí³pez was to blame. “For the record I tried my hardest to get a full scale North American tour going for Noctourniquet but Omar did not want to,” he wrote. “I guess a break from mars volta means starting another band and ignoring all the support the fans gave us. I tried my hardest guys.”

Antemasque have released a brief second trailer and a rehearsal video taking fans behind-the-scenes during the recording their debut song ‘4AM’. Watch both below.