Mark Of Cain mulling over drummer #14?

There may be a day when John Stanier – one of the hardest working drummers in rock – may not be able to tour with Adelaide’s The Mark Of Cain, says singer John Scott.

Speaking to FL this week, Scott said that a planned tour in March may be in doubt due to Stanier’s touring commitments with Tomahawk. The Mike Patton-helmed outfit are touring next year as part of Soundwave 2013, but if there’s not a gap in the schedule the tour may be postponed once more.

“First of all, we were trying to get something happening in September but it didn’t work out with John,” Scott told FL, “and then we were aiming for March next year because we knew that was doable, everybody could clear their plates, and then he was, ‘Ah, shit. Nup, now I’ve got this.’”

A former member of Helmet, Stanier joined The Mark of Cain in 2000, appearing on the Andy Gill-produced This Is This (2001). But Scott admits there may be a time when his other commitments – he also plays in New York’s Battles – and the fact he lives in the US could see them consider other touring options.

“John and I have discussed this many times,” Scott said. “He’s said, ‘There may come a time when I can’t support the band in shows’, which would be a great pity. And any time in the past when I’ve said, ‘Shit, I wanna tour and it’s not able to happen’, he’s made sure that he’s available. But it’s always been a friendship where he’s said, ‘You know, there may be a time when I can’t do it.’”

So would the band ever consider replacing him for a tour? “There are a couple of drummers he’s recommended to us that he thinks are great in Australia,” said Scott, “and so if I have to, I’ll train up a 14th drummer!”

The Mark of Cain’s first album in 10 years, Songs Of The Third and Fifth, is slated for release in November. It was recorded in Adelaide in 2008 following Stanier’s national Big Day Out tour with Battles.

The full interview with John Scott will be published on FL soon.

The Mark Of Cain – Heart Of Stone by Mess+Noise