Marilyn Manson, Offspring, Evanescence for Soundwave 2012?


Well, one out of three isn’t a total fail! CHECK OUT THE REAL LINEUP!

The Soundwave 2012 lineup will be announced on Friday night, which means that we only have a few hours of rumours to endure and with the clock ticking down it’s no surprise to find that Australia’s leading rumour junkie – Nui Te Koha – has chosen this moment to declare “I’m going to drop some bombs because I just can’t stop!”

Although we’ve often seen his rumours shot down in flames, he has had some recent success leaking lineups when they’re close to the official announcement date. In early September he revealed that My Chemical Romance are “pretty much secured” for next years Big Day Out and that we’d also see Foster the People, The Shins and Cage The Elephant on the lineup. So if The Shins make it onto the second BDO lineup that’s some impressive rumouring.

We’ll be kind and overlook his incredible ‘exclusive’ announcement that Radiohead would be headlining Big Day Out, which he announced on the morning following the festival’s announcement that their headliner didn’t begin with the letter ‘R’.

Anyway, Nui Te Koha has announced that the Soundwave 2012 lineup announcement on Friday will feature Offspring, Marilyn Manson and Evanescence “and they’re not even the headliners!”. Nui Te Koha also says that the lineup is “heritage but heavy.”.

Cancel all you Friday night plans – the first Soundwave lineup announcement is expected on Friday night at around 10pm. Over 30 acts have already been confirmed for the festival lineup, with the Friday announcement expected to feature 62 bands.