Magic Lunchbox – Spastique

Magic Lunchbox’s latest album Spastique, is one of the most different recordings I’ve heard in a long time. It mixes eighties rock with lyrics that make even me blush – that’s quite hard to do. Magic Lunchbox are a Sydney band, who have built their reputation around their live shows. Having been together for a number of years, Spastique is their fourth release.

Their music is deeply rooted in eighties rock. The opener, Dreaming Is Over has a synth line that would not be out of place on a Starship song – it’s eighties gold. In a market that’s hailed bands as the saviours of rock, time and time again, for simply copying the sixties and seventies formula, it’s refreshing to hear something taking off the eighties and taking the piss at the same time. I would call Magic Lunchbox the eighties pop equivalent of The Darkness, as they musically borrow from that era, but they also parody the clichíƒÂ©d lyrics.

This album has such an awesome groove. I can only imagine what their live show would be like, but something tells me that it would be one of those shows where you could barely contain the urge to dance. Sitting here at the desk, my hips and feet seem to have taken on minds of their own, I’m gyrating and tapping like its going out of style.

The ‘Lunchbox (does anybody else see the irony in a man who’s surname is Box reviewing an album from a band with box in the title) have an interesting line-up – with not only guitar, bass, drums and keys, but also two vocalists. The versatility of having both male and female vocalists allows them to find different ranges and harmonise. The vocal harmonies help to give Spastique a really authentic eighties feel, and I think they’re really cool.

On Fix My Mo’, the band parody Streets lead man Mike Skinner, with an impromptu rap with a really strong Geezer accent, which cracks me up every time I hear it. Any song which features the lyrics “I fucked my way to the top and then I fixed my mo,” as it chorus, really must be applauded. To me they would make the perfect opener for a Machine Gun Fellatio show; but to my knowledge they’ve never toured together. Oh well that could also be my musical naivety.

Overall I really enjoyed listening to this album, it was a great change of pace from my normal listening. If you live in Sydney and have the opportunity to see this lot play somewhere in, take that opportunity with both hands and have a good laugh.