Magic Dirt, Redsunband, The Pretty Boys @ The Zoo, Brisbane (23/08/2008)

A decent amount of people are inside the Zoo for first cab, or band, off the rank, The Pretty Boys. Don’t be fooled by the band name though, three ladies take to instruments and kick the evening off. From the opening song there was a three strong mosh-pit that was lapping up the energy that forced its way from the speakers. This continued for the whole set. It’s mohawk destroying music with hard riffs and fast drumming and the whole thing contains the punk ethos of years gone by. As a unit the ladies are extremely well practiced and the whole set is tight and almost impossible to faulter. Songs including Slaughter, Don’t Preach and I can’t lose get inclusion. Julie’s back-up vocals meandered in and out during the set but on the bass she put male counterparts to shame. The closer Victims was an incredible finish to the evening and as they said, “Check us out around Brisbane”. It was such an impressive half hour that it would be in everyone’s best interest to do so.

After the Zoo’s trademark long wait between sets, Sydney’s Redsunband finally take to the stage. With ladies at the front and boy’s at the back on stage, it was the complete reverse in the crowd. Taking it down about one-hundred notches from the last band they deliver their melodic songs and are extremely polite when it comes to crowd response covering all the please, tas and thank-you’s. Guitarist and lead-singer Sarah Kelly proves she can hold a note and her voice is almost captivating while at times even moaning. Lizzie Kelly on the keys was almost ghost like on stage and impossible to hear the elements that she was adding. It was the well known singles that got the bodies inside finally moving including Like an arrow and they closed with the most recent The Eagle.

By the time 11:30pm rolled around every demographic known to earth was covered inside the Zoo. The young, the old, short, tall, the cool and the not-so but a decade long career and well over 10 release’s will do that. All four members of Magic Dirt bound onto the stage with child-like energy. With so many albums in the back catalogue it is impossible to please everyone; however they managed to cover all bases in some form with everthing from _Girl _ to Tough Love getting a little show for the evening. Second in came the single Romy which started the rock ball rolling. Amps were adjusted; the bass turned up and floor shaking ensued. Raul bounced around the stage with some of the most impressive mutton chops of our current time and on the guitar he was most impressive as well executing the Dirt’s trademark style . Regular Dirt bass player, Dean was nowhere to be seen due to illness and was replace with a Brisbanite Matt Murdoch who took to the role like a duck to water.

Adalita exudes charisma and her voice is almost as piercing as the guitar she plays, but what was most impressive was her display of flexibility by kicking the air at the most appropriate times. Guitar pedals received an absolute bashing over the hour plus set and every single kind of distortion sound a guitar can make happened in the set. It almost got to point where it was reasonable to be concerned that one’s ears would be bleeding distortion for days to come. A lot of the songs, though it felt like all of them, finished with long winded outro’s, that were very hit and miss. Though some polished it off perfectly some failed to hit the mark and seemed a little pointless. An amp blowout at the end of the set could have seen implosion of the whole show and while Adalita and roadies took to the task of fixing the problem, the remaining Dirt covered the disaster with an instrumental which is a testament to the Dirt’s experience and professionalism.