Luke Steele and Daniel Johns team up for “hard-edged” collaboration

While on the promo trail for Empire Of The Sun’s new album Ice on the Dune, Luke Steele has revealed that he and Daniel Johns have been busy making sweet music together.

Speaking with Pedestrian “The Steele” said that he and fellow guy-liner aficionado Daniel Johns have made a record together. “Me and Daniel Johns have been in the studio working on our record, and we’re just about ready to try and finish that off,” Steele mentioned casually. “The sessions we did lately sound a bit like The Clash, Talking Heads … inspired by African music. So it’s going to be good to do some tougher, hard-edged kind of stuff.”

Since Silverchair announced their indefinite hibernation early in 2011, Johns has written some tunes for The Veronicas, scored a Qantas commercial and performed with Van Dyke Parks however has yet to release any original material of his own. Before The Chair split Johns had been working on a new record for the band, which he described as “dirtier” than their previous work. Siverchair road-tested some new music at Groovin The Moo in 2010, but the songs are still yet to see the light of day.

Coincidentally, Steele also has an album’s worth of unreleased music with his original band The Sleepy Jackson. Back in 2009 The Steele told FL he had “pretty much written” a new Sleepy Jackson record and had a view to release it “sometime in the next decade.” Nearly four years on and follow up to 2006’s Personality – One Was A Spider, One Was A Bird is still locked away in the Steele vaults.

Wonder what the chances of this Johns/Steele collaboration being released before Silverchair reunite to headline Homebake 2020?