Lotek, Pataphysics, Hieronymous IX, Brujo, De Cruze @ Transit Bar, Canberra (27/09/08)

Transit Bar has demonstrated that they are a perfect outlet for any kinda band or outfit to belt out their tunes in. This year alone they have been at the forefront of showcasing acts as diverse as Illzilla and Chaingang and put on monthly shows including Filth and Ug Beats that bundle up barrel loads of talent.

Last Saturday night it was Capital Dub Style’s turn to put on a display of this talent and they did not disappoint.

At 9:30 pm, the night began with local DJs Hieronymous IX, Brujo, and De Cruze who you may have seen at other local clubs like Hippo or Bar 32.

Each DJ blended hip hop grooves, jazz tunes and reggae beats together seamlessly to create the so-called Capital Dub Style which have won punters and DJs alike to their dance floor. If they had a catch phrase it would be similar to that of Coco Pops’s Just like a chocolate milkshake only crunchy!

In case you were wondering Hieronymous IX is indeed FasterLouder photographer Rafael, and we’re not being biased when saying that his DJing expertise kept a smile on everyone’s faces. However all of these guys have mastered the art of providing the perfect ambience to all the possies and possiettes having fun at the end of the week. They’ve even refined it to the point where the possy cribs playing pool or chatting amongst each other can have the same excitement as those dancing and bopping along to music. Not an easy skill to master.

By the time the local DJs had rapped up the crowd levels were picking up and it felt like it was a big birthday party and everyone was invited which gave off a comforting vibe around the bar. It also felt like Transit was a bar and nightclub morphed into one as every quality that each one have complimented each other remarkably.

Next on the switchboard was Melbourne MC Pataphysics a self-described Australian-Sri Lankan who is a Tamil and Singhalese speaking trumpet player, sonic landscaper and rhythmic sound shaper. This is the best way to describe his music, his performance style and himself. Furthermore he is not shy to delve into every component included in politics whether it is local or international and also touches on indigenous resistance, eastern philosophy, existence and spirituality.

Soon after UK via Melbourne rapper and producer Wayne (Lotek) Bennet graced the stage with a serving of his hip hop, dancehall and dub tunes to a roaring crowd. In support of his new single Control Alt Delete he picked the right night to do a show as the crowd was more than willing to party right into the wee hours of the morning.

Lotek also featured songs off his upcoming album REBEL HIFI and some of his older favourites like Voodoo Boogaloo, Ah You Dat, Hey Yeh Yeh and Percolator.

This was a night not to be missed! Chaserfanatic08 out.