Living End “butchered” and “murdered” on The Voice

The Living End have ‘praised’ the Matt Hetherington’s performance of White Noise on last night’s edition of The Voice calling it a “killer rendition”.

Rock singer Hetherington is a member of Team Delta (as she’s the obvious coach for any aspiring Living End covers singer) and has been busy defending the Arcade Fire loving singer from criticisms that she’s bland and contrived. He told the Herald Sun that he’s “delighted to be on Delta’s team. She is very generous, encouraging, nurturing and supportive. I have spoken to Delta about the criticism. There is no doubt that some of the hate and criticism does hurt (her) a bit.”

While The Living End’s review could be read to suggest the song is currently being tortured in a secretive Egyptian prison cell, band’s manager Rae Harvey was far less ambiguous in her criticism claiming that the song was “butchered” and even suggesting that The Voice set should be cordoned off as a crime scene following the cover performance.

We look forward to hearing Harvey’s reviews when The Voice contestants cover other acts in her management stable. Maybe a version of 360’s Boys Like You from Team Delta for all ‘the haters’? Or perhaps a take on Children Collide’s Social Currency sung by Guy Sebastian’s brother?

And for no particularly good reason here’s Delta rocking out to Arcade Fire: