Live preview: Harvest 2013

Will Massive Attack play ‘Teardrop’? Will Walk Off The Earth cover that Gotye song? What the hell is a Neutral Milk Hotel anyway? Here’s a preview of what you can expect at Harvest Festival 2013.


(Photo above by Katie Fairservice)

What to expect:

Brooding, bass-heavy songs perfectly executed to leave a festival crowd in awe. As a reference: Portishead’s 2011 Harvest set, which shifted “”from cinematic to deranged at the flick of a switch””: While it’s been almost three years since Massive Attack toured their fifth album Heligoland, they shouldn’t be too rusty – they’re about to embark on a string of dates throughout the UK next month. More importantly though, Robert “3D” Del Naja and Grant “Daddy G” Marshall are bringing Cocteau Twins vocalist Liz Fraser and Horace Andy along with them on those dates. You might know Fraser from a little number of theirs below, while Andy has appeared on every one of the band’s albums. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Tricky will be playing with the old crew though.

Set highlight:

If Liz Fraser happens to make the trip, then ‘Teardrop’ could easily be the highlight of the entire festival. The standout of their 1998 classic album Mezzanine, hearing Fraser’s sweeping vocals live over those deep, crawling beats will probably leave us all with goosebumps.

Most recent setlist:

United Snakes



Girl I Love You

Future Proof





Inertia Creeps

Safe From Harm

You Were Just Leaving

Unfinished Sympathy

Atlas Air

November 20, 2010 – Hot Festival, Buenos Aires, Argentina

What it will look like:

What to expect:

Thick Scottish accents and mid-2000s singalongs. Ever since the release of their self-titled debut album in 2004, Franz Ferdinand have established themselves as festival favourites with their hook-heavy tracks like ‘Tell Her Tonight’, ‘No You Girls’ and, of course, ‘Take Me Out’. Since their last Australian shows at Future Music in 2010, they’ve been hard at work on their fourth studio album, Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action. And while it’s fair to say they’ve fallen off the radar a bit since then, they’ve just released two great new tracks that remind us why we liked them so much in the first place.


Set highlight:

While their new material is great and all, there’s nothing quite like the build-up to that classic riff in ‘Take Me Out’ – you probably know all the lyrics already, and rest assured, so will everyone else too. The charismatic Scotts delivered a crowd-pleasing 75-minute set on Sunday that deftly balanced their big hits with a cluster of new material.

Most recent setlist:

No You Girls

Right Action

The Dark of the Matinée

Evil Eye

Do You Want To



Take Me Out

Love Illumination

June 21 2013 – L’Olympia Bruno Coquatrix, Paris, France

What it will look like:

What to expect:

A fun, hit heavy mid-to-late afternoon set from one of alt-rock’s most enduring bands. Primus are the Cake of this year’s lineup – neither group takes themselves too seriously, they’ve both been making rock music in different forms for the past 20 years, and most importantly, they both have the power to blow you away just when you weren’t expecting it. Primus sucks!

Set highlight:

While they’ve released seven solid albums over the past two decades, Primus will forever be remembered as the guys behind the South Park theme. They’ve barely ever play it, but how good would that be? We’ll also accept their 1997 crossover hit, ‘Shake Hands With Beef’.

Most recent setlist:

Pudding Time

Groundhog’s Day


Moron TV

American Life

Over the Falls

Lee Van Cleef


The Toys Go Winding Down

Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

My Name Is Mud

Over the Electric Grapevine

Eternal Consumption Engine

Jilly’s on Smack

Southbound Pachyderm

Tommy the Cat

Too Many Puppies

June 22, 2013 – The Moose’s Tooth, Anchorage, USA

What it will look like:

What to expect:

Funky, sexy electronica – and some stunning outfits to boot. Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory have been recording together since the turn of the century, and are shortly due to release their sixth studio album Tales of Us in September. For this trip expect to hear a bunch of old classics, as well as cuts off the new record as well.

Set highlight:

The hit single off their third album Supernatural, ‘Ooh La La’, is still Goldfrapp’s most successful song to date, while ‘Train’ is another bona fide dancefloor filler.

Most recent setlist:

Lovely Head

You Never Know

Eat Yourself

Little Bird

Number 1



Shiny and Warm

Ride a White Horse

Ooh La La

Caravan Girl


Slide In


Strict Machine

What it will look like:

What to expect:

After their cult classic In The Aeroplane Over the Sea blew every indie scribe away in 1998, Jeff Mangum went and broke all our hearts by putting the band on hiatus shortly after. Fifteen long and dark years later and the album’s original lineup is finally back – Magnum, Scott Spillane on horns, Julian Koster on the organ and banjo, and Jeremy Barnes on drums. After such a long time away, this could be anything, really.

Set highlight:

Just the fact they’re playing live again would be enough, but hearing them play ‘The King of Carrot Flowers’ parts one, two and three in succession would be the icing on the cake.

Most recent setlist:

Two-Headed Boy

Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone

The King of Carrot Flowers, Part One

The King of Carrot Flowers, Parts Two & Three

A Baby for Pree

Where You’ll Find Me Now

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea



I Will Bury You in Time



Oh Comely

October 14, 1998 – 40 Watt Club, Athens, Georgia, USA

What it will look like:

What to expect:

A moody mid-afternoon set from one of rock’s most beguiling characters. The enigmatic Mark Oliver Everett – also known as “E” – has helmed the band for the past 20 years now, releasing their 10th studio album in February. “Over the course of their albums, E has written songs so intensely personal they make reading his autobiography seem redundant,” FL’s Jody Macgregor wrote of Wonderful, Glorious.


Set highlight:

Unfortunately, it’s been two years since they last played ‘Novocaine for the Soul’ live, but ‘Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues’, which you probably know by its unofficial title “Goddamn right, it’s a beautiful day”, is a staple of their live show.

Most recent setlist:

Bombs Away

Kinda Fuzzy

Open My Present

Oh Well

On The Ropes

The Turnaround

Fresh Feeling

New Alphabet

Go Knuckles!

Wonderful, Glorious

I’m Your Brave Little Soldier

Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues/My Beloved Monster

Fresh Blood

Stick Together


April 28, 2013 – La Riviera, Madrid, Spain

What it will look like:

What to expect:

“Draining, harrowing, cathartic and ecstatic all at once. They are also in a class of their own.” This was our reviewer’s take on the band’s recent show at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre. The Drones are in fine live form, having spent the past few months touring I See Seaweed, their sixth full-length release and our album of the year so far. Their sound has been fleshed out with the addition of keyboardist Steve Hesketh, and while their sets have been drawing heavily on new material, old classics like ‘Shark Fin Blues’ and ‘I Don’t Ever Want To Change’ usually get an airing.

Set highlight:

Recent masterpiece ‘Why Write A Letter That You’ll Never Send’ from I See Seaweed. Yep, all nine minutes of it.

Most recent setlist:

I See Seaweed

How to See Through Fog

The Minotaur


Nine Eyes

River Of Tears

Shark Fin Blues

The Miller’s Daughter

I Don’t Ever Want to Change

June 22, 2013 – Mona Foma, Hobart

What it will look like:

What to expect:

Just as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club were establishing themselves as one of the best live outfits in the world, they were forced to slow things down after Robert Been’s father Michel died of a heart attack backstage. Three years later, they’re back with their new album Spectre at the Feast, which deals with that tragedy head on. They haven’t lost their form on the live front either. A recent review by US radio station KEXP declared that “BRMC aren’t here to sell out, or fade away, they’re here for the long haul, and they just want to keep playing music for other people’s ears. It doesn’t get more rock n’ roll than that”.

Set highlight:

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club now open with a cover of The Call’s ‘Let the Day Begin’ in tribute to Michael Been, who fronted the cult ‘80s rock band.

Most recent setlist:

Let the Day Begin


666 Conducer


Hate the Taste

Beat the Devil’s Tattoo

Whatever Happened to My Rock ‘n’ Roll (Punk Song)

Ain’t No Easy Way



Sympathetic Noose

Complicated Situation

Fire Walker


Conscience Killer

Funny Games



US Government

Six Barrel Shotgun

Spread Your Love

Sell It

Lose Yourself

June 2, 2013 – The Observatory, Santa Ana, CA, USA

What it will look like:

What to expect:

Five peeps, one guitar, doing viral covers like this:

Harvest festival tour dates:

Sunday, November 10 -Werribee Park, Melbourne

Saturday, November 16 – The Domain, Sydney NEW VENUE

Sunday, November 17 – Botanic Gardens, Brisbane