Listen to Spiritualized suck the joy out of Cut Copy’s ‘Free Your Mind’

Cut Copy have released yet another remix of new song ‘Free Your Mind’ – and this one is a doozy. Following on from UK producer Fort Romeau’s reworking of the track, Spiritualized’s J Spaceman has let loose on the group’s latest single, transforming it from uplifting house anthem into dreamy, psychedelic downer. Spiritualized’s reworking of ‘Free Your Mind’ renders the original almost unrecognisable, but ghostly organs, droning guitar and those famous Spaceman vocals makes it something quite special all the same.

‘Free Your Mind’ is the title track from Cut Copy’s new record, due for release on November 1. The group released an accompanying (and suitably bizarre) video for the song last week, which features True Blood actor Alexander Skarsgard playing a a charismatic cult leader who is seen watching over his flock of tracksuit-wearing followers as they meditate, ignore a barking dog, and have sex. Watch the full video below.

Free Your Mind is Cut Copy’s fourth record and according to the band it’s inspired by the concept of freedom and two different Summers of Love (1967 and 1988-1989). As they recently explained, “Through unprecedented explosions of youth culture, communal elation and celebration, these eras provided a spirit that the band embraced – the need to tear down the walls of perception while creating a fantasy of what the next youth revolution might sound like”.

Listen to Spiritualized’s ‘Free Your Mind’ remix:

Watch Cut Copy’s ‘Free Your Mind’ video: