Listen to Prince’s sleepy interview with Eddie McGuire

Dancer, model and star of Kanye West’s Monster video, Damaris Lewis has been touring Australia as part of Prince’s entourage and dancing onstage is some terrifyingly high heels. However she’s now going to become famous as the woman who woke Prince for a bizarre early morning interview on breakfast radio.

During an interview with The Hot Breakfast crew – Eddie McGuire, Mick Molloy and Luke Darcy – on Triple M in Melbourne, Damaris shocked her reclusive boss with the call asking “Do you mind if we talk for a bit just because it’s the radio and it’s just random.”

A very sleepy and confused Prince asks “What do you want to talk about? I have a really great subject: sleep” before asking if Damaris has been drinking. After six strange mumbling minutes of talk about basketball, his afterparty shows, the Prince plane and UFOs Prince hangs up.

Listen to the strangest (and most unexpected) interview of the year: