Listen to a new Pixies song, minus Kim Deal

Kim Deal, bass player and co-vocalist of the Pixies, officially left the band again just over two weeks ago. The rest of the group have quickly recovered and released their first new song since 2004. ‘Bagboy’ features original members Black Francis, Joey Santiago and David Lovering as well as new bass player Jeremy Dubs. Dubs also presumably contributes the high-pitched backing vocal, which sounds rather a lot like Deal’s voice. Dubs was formerly a member of the Bunnies, who played several support slots for the Pixies when they reunited in 2004, and fronts the band Speak!

At two seconds shy of five minutes, ‘Bagboy’ is long by Pixies standards – their last original song, ‘Bam Thwok’, came in at a more typical two-and-a-half minutes. ‘Bagboy’ was recorded with their preferred producer Gil Norton back in October, when Deal was presumably still a member of the band, although her reluctance to work on a new album with them is what held them back according to Black Francis. The Pixies’ frontman previously said in an interview with The Gothamist, “While I may have tried to convince her otherwise, maybe she’s got a point… She doesn’t need a new Pixies record, so maybe there doesn’t need to be one.”

Deal is currently on tour with the band she formed after leaving the Pixies the first time, The Breeders, who are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their seminal album Last Splash. They’re due to reach Australia this October to play the album in full at All Tomorrow’s Parties “Release the Bats” and a selection of sideshows.