Listen: New Muse song ‘Madness’

Muse have unveiled yet another song from their forthcoming album ‘The Second Law’.

The record’s first official single ‘Madness’ sees the kings of bombast knock it back a notch to explore a more minimalist electronica sound. World’s apart from their first few teasers – the Olympic space anthem ‘Survival’ and the dub-step inspired ‘Unsustainable’ -their new tune is a low-key ballad. The song flows along to a poppy electro rhythm, with Bellamy crooning softly and momentarily breaking into a Prince inspired ‘funky’ guitar solo at the song’s conclusion.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the new record Bellamy said: “We are defined by the fact that we can’t be defined by anybody. There are electro-pop sounds and songs that are obviously classic rock. Then there are the orchestral things. [The album will sound like] three different bands.” As previously reported, those strings come courtesy of David Campbell – no, not Jimmy Barnes’ crooner son; the composer and former Radiohead collaborator who assisted in creating the music for the doomed Spider-Man musical, Turn Off the Dark.

While there was hope that the dub-step converts would be bringing their new sound[s] Down Under next year,Muse have recently confirmed that they will not on our shores until at least 2014. The trio haven’t been seen in Australia since 2010, although they did tour twice that year – headlining the Big Day Out in January before returning for a low key tour eleven months later. These second shows saw the band playing atop giant towers erected in the middle of arenas surrounded by what FL’s reviewer described as “enough End Of The World art direction to make it seem like Pink Floyd never happened”.

Listen to Muse ‘Madness’